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For the non-Dutch speakers & readers, hands in the spotlight are posts where I refer to situations in my life and relate this to palmistry.

November 1, 2012
Hands in the spotlight: Caught up

image via Favim, source unkown

I can’t seem to remember my own birthday this year. Flipping through my planner, trying to make a social appointment I mark that day as a possibility and while doing that I think ‘ there’s something that day, what was it? Oh bugger it’s my birthday. At the schoolyard, somebody comes up to me saying ‘well it’s this Friday!’ Didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, so I asked..uhh what’s this Friday? ‘Your birthday!’ Ohh yes. At  dinner, my kids are staring at me with total disbelieve when I tell them the story. How on earth can you forget?

In general birthdays are not my cup of tea and I have great trouble reminding them (some exceptions). But somewhere deep down, I know something else is going on. In Tarot or Numerology every year of life has a specific theme, of course I know what my theme is going to be and apparently I don’t like it. What is it, it’s: Letting go of everything that no longer fits me, meaning everything, the whole rummage, work, projects  love & relations etc. On top of it, after 30 years or something, we have the ‘harsh’ planet Saturn visiting Scorpio for a pretty long time. Yeah, looking forward, NOT. So in my head I already got started, letting every element pass by. Work, I’m absolutely enjoying what I’m doing, no doubt about that. Projects, okay, there are some that could do with a change. Love, still in love with my husband so absolutely no changes wanted in that field. Relations, well being a person with whorls as fingerprints, my group of cherished & nearest friends is not that big, but still, I looked at them carefully, one for one. Conclusion: keep them all, gladly, don’t change a thing.Well… I thought, being the practical one, that’s that than.

Turns out, and of course I know, it doesn’t work that way. Cycling home after an appointment with a close friend, I noticed something was off. Something had changed, it wasn’t there anymore, the connection between us was gone. I’m completely confused, How? It’s impossible, it has to come back, now! But it hasn’t come back and the annoying part is, I want it to return, because it was good. Am I being caught up by the universe or what?! I’m not amused at all and my head refuses to give in let go yet.

Where do we find ‘letting go’ in the hands? People with a shorter second (middle) phalanx of the Mercury finger – pinky, and this means that it’s shorter than the lower first & upper phalanx, find it difficult to let go. A prominent knuckle between the first & second phalanx of the Saturn finger – middle finger  marks the preference of leaving the things just as they are. Well… I should say, give it time, try to get adjusted to the idea. Maybe……

October 29, 2012
Hands in the spotlight: What have I done?

image via Favim, source adela and tessie

What have I done? Why is she acting like this? I know something’s wrong, but she keeps saying there’s nothing. Do you recognize it? Thinking that the behavior of someone else is related to you ? It goes so fast, in a split second we’re right there, but it can take a while to get of it.

For example, the non-verbal ‘get out of my way’ behavior. They give a signal that something’s wrong and we are fishing for the reason. Sometimes our fishing helps because we get to talk about what’s going on, but in some cases you’re not the reason causing their bad moods, something else is bothering them and you happen to be there noticing it. I’m quite sensible in noticing this kind of behavior and it took me some time to tackle the ‘I’ve done something wrong’ problem. So now, after I’ve kindly asked what’s causing their miserable behavior twice and still not getting any response I simply ask them to leave the room because they are influencing me & the atmosphere in a negative way. When not being at home and confronted with this behavior I try to ignore it and if that’s not working I leave the premises.

Why are we doing this, thinking we are the one causing their behavior? Well, most of the Western population have loops (dermatoglyves) on their fingers, being extremely social beings. If there’s a loop on you pinky finger you don’t like conflicts. Harmony that’s what the want and they’ll go out of their way keeping it. Having a tent (dermatoglyph) on your index finger indicates that you’re extremely sensitive to vibes in spaces and with people.

Of course it’s a wonderful thing being concerned about your fellow human being, very good indeed. But please keep in mind that when you’ve given the person all the space to indicate what’s bothering them, you can also let them know how their behavior is affecting you. And if, even then, they won’t tell you, ……… leave it. You’ve done everything you could!

June 22, 2012
Hands in the spotlight: Pinky promise

  image via Favim, source unkown
For the first time I've experienced how life is when you're not able to speak. This wasn't caused by someone trying to gag me but by the laryngitis.
Speaking is in my line of work pretty essential, being able to tell the person what their hands hands are telling me, but that was impossible this week, so was phoning, asking for something or answering a question.
I became extremely skilled in snapping my fingers when I wanted someone's attention, it looked quite decadent but of course very necessary. My handwriting was unreadable according to the children, which turned every question or answer into a guessing game, .....tiresome. The communication with my husband & mother went just by nodding or shaking my head. The dog gave up trying ta act on my diffuse instructions and just lay still at the foot of my bed. 

This situation made me think about how an act like speaking seems so obvious to me. There are plenty of people in the world who can’t speak, because they literally can’t or because others are shutting them up so they can’t speak out freely. Anyway, speaking isn’t something obvious at all. 

Where do we find speaking – communicating in the hands? Well most of all in the Mercurius finger – pinky finger. This finger tells us about how you communicate with the outside world and with your intimates. So does a long pinky finger means that you are extremely well in communicating and crap at it when you’ve a little one? Well, in it self, yes, but this is also depending on other aspects in the hands which can weaken or strengthen this.

I, myself, am blessed (ahum) with tiny pinky fingers. An average length should reach till the start of the upper finger phalanx of the ring finger and mine are not even getting close to that, ending half way on the second phalanx. So does that mean in my case that I‘m a shy person having difficulty to communicate?  Wouldn’t that be extremely inconvenient in my profession! and as far as being shy, hardly! I communicate just fine, as long as I’m not the subject of the conversation. I’m not talking about speaking up for myself or sharing my opinion because I’m very straightforward in that. But when we have to talk about how I feel, well…. that part I gladly leave behind all together.

So, despite the horrible laryngitis, I made a ‘pinky promise’ to myself, that as long as I’m able to speak I should use it and let my intimates know what it is that’s going on in my severely shielded soul. That is …… sometimes, once in a while, little by little.