Happinez workshop

Dit is een oud bericht van 23 oktober geplaatst op Liefgoed, maar vind dat hier ook thuishoort.

Today we I had the privilege of giving a workshop palmistry together with my teacher & fellow student, arranged by Happinez.

It was such a joy, from the beginning to the end. First of all the location, all was arranged by De Kamers in Amersfoort. Now, you don't think of Amersfoort as first place you can find exceptional hospitality, but I must say from the warm welcome of the chamberlain Jos van Oord, the catering by Amanda (my God, YOU can cook!), the decoration, till lights & sounds done by Marco, everything was perfect.

And the students, what a nice bunch of people. So much enthusiasm & trust. It's been a pleasure to have met each one of you.